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As a leading supplier of new kitchens in the UK you’ve made the right choice by coming to Cheap Ex Display Kitchens for Sale. We are experienced in the business and have helped thousands of people to get the kitchen of their dreams.

Our ranges of modern, traditional and shaker kitchens are so extensive that you’ll be quite simply spoilt for choice. Fortunately we’re here to help and we provide a unique design service with our team of professionals to help you make the right decision. Using our in-house design software they are able to maximize the space available to realise its full potential. We’ve also got a massive stock of flooring, tiles, appliances,knobs, handles, taps and worktops and all those little extras that will help make your kitchen truly your own.

Why you should choose us ?

Whatever you want to spend, we’ll have the right kitchen for you. There are lots of good reasons to buy from the UK’s most affodable kitchen expert. We are 40% cheaper than our nearest competitor. So never rule out Cheap Ex Display Kitchens for Sale as being too expensive for your home. Check out our prices first and you’ll be a pleasantly surprised at just how affordable our kitchens can be. We offer a totally free of charge delivery service. We dont ask you to pay for your kitchen until after it's been delivered.

For instance, the kitchens in our collection all have excellent value price tags, but still come complete with the quality and service you would expect from us. Every single kitchen cabinet component is edged all around unlike most other companies that only edge the visible parts. We only use PVC edging tape which is five times thicker than paper edging tape that most of our competitors use. All of our drawer packs come ready built to save you hassle and expence. All of our drawer packs come with metal soft closing drawer systems at no extra charge.

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  • White Cathedral Style - £1105
  • White Cathedral style Kitchen


    This cathedral style kitchen comes in a White High Gloss kitchen finish. This complete kitchen comes with the kitchen island, double oven, island extractor, gas hob, sink, tap, worktops and all kitchen units and doors, handles, hindles, hinges and soft closing drawers for only £1105.

  • Walnut Slab - £595
  • Walnut Slab


    Walnut effect kitchen units. Full kitchen for an amazing price, only from us. All of the units that you can see can be tours for only £595.

  • Maple Slab - £795
  • Maple Slab


    Maple effect kitchen. Complete with solid birch worktops and appliances. Cost just a £795.

  • Aubergine Hi Gloss - £895
  • Aubergine Hi Gloss


    We have A large range of high gloss kitchens in different colours. All at prices that no other kitchen company can complete with. For example this Aubergine high gloss kitchen with solid oak worktop and appliances is £895.

  • Solid Oak Shaker Kitchen - £1195
  • Solid Oak Shaker Kitchen


    Solid oak framed shaker style kitchen. Complete with range cooker and granite worktops £1195 all these cabinets, doors, solid granite worktops and appliance should cost over £4000. Now for £1195.

  • Millenium Beech - £695
  • Millenium Beech


    All of the units you can see, excluding appliances can be yours for only £695. Supplied direct from the UK's largest manufacturer of low cost quality kitchen units, we guarantee to offer you the very best price on our whole range of high quality fitted kitchens.

  • Cream Gloss - £895
  • Cream Gloss


    Cream High Gloss Kitchen for sale with solid oak worktops, stainless steel oven, hob + extractor plus all kitchen cabinets and doors here for £895

  • Walnut Shaker - £595
  • Walnut Shaker


    This kitchen offer is for a brand new Walnut effect kitchen which comprises of all the kitchen units and doors that you can see here. Plus oven, hob, extractor, microwave, sink, tap and worktops including soft closing drawers. Only £595.

  • Black High Gloss - £1295
  • Black High Gloss


    This black kitchen is made from glass and this complete kitchen comprises of all the kitchen units and doors pictured here, with appliances for only £1295 including solid granite worktops.

  • Red High Gloss - £995
  • Red High Gloss


    Choosing a Modern and Stylish kitchen will add a spot of class to your home. This brand new red high gloss kitchen comes complete with solid granite worktops, oven, hob, extractor, soft closing drawers, hinges and handles. And is on offer for only £995.

  • Cathedral Ash - £1595
  • Cathedral Ash


    All these solid ash framed doors and kitchen units with solid granite worktops for £1595.

  • Solid Cherry Oak - £1395
  • Solid Cherry Oak


    Solid cherry oak kitchen units and solid granite worktops - everything you can see here for only £1395.

  • White Shaker Kitchen - £995
  • White Shaker Kitchen


    This brand new white high gloss shaker style kitchen is complete with solid granite worktops. Black glass oven and hob and extractor. All handles, hinges and soft closing drawers. This complete kitchen should cost over £3000. Our kitchen sale price £995.

  • Shaker White Ash - £895
  • Shaker White Ash


    This Hi Gloss white slab kitchen comes on an 18mm white cabinet with solid back panel. Stainless Steel T-Bar Handles and a lifetime guarantee on all cabinets. This full kitchen including all cabinets, doors and solid oak worktops can be yours for only £895.

  • Durham Walnut - £895
  • Durham Walnut


    DurhThis kitchen offer is for a brand new Walnut effect kitchen which comprises of all the kitchen units and doors that you can see here. Plus oven, hob, extractor, microwave, sink, tap and worktops including soft closing drawers. For only £895.

  • Light Oak - £1495
  • Light Oak


    On every solid oak framed doors, cabinets, solid granite worktop and appliance that you can see here for £1495.

  • Solid Birch - £1195
  • Solid Birch


    Solid birch framed kitchen with solid granite worktops and appliances for only £1195.

  • White High Gloss Shaker - £895
  • White High Gloss Shaker


    This full white High gloss kitchen which includes all units, doors, hinges, handles, sink, tap, oven, hob, extractor and solid granite worktops can be yours now for only £895.

  • Limed Oak - £695
  • Limed Oak


    This beautiful limed ash kitchen comes on a choice of solid oak cabinets or ash veneered real wood cabinets. This kitchen complete with solid granite worktops can be yours for only £695.

  • Cherry Shaker - £1295
  • Cherry Shaker


    Complete Solid Oak framed shaker kitchen in cherry finish. Complete kitchen with solid granite worktops and appliances now for £1295. Many other kitchens to choose from all at prices guaranteed not to be a beaten by any other kitchen company.

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